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The ABC Creative Music Pack For Early Years V3.0 (catalogue no: abcNP)

Teaches 3-5 year olds:

  • Numbers
  • Sense of Rhythm
  • Creativity Skills
  • Using Percussion Progressively
Teach Numbers, Colours, Shapes, Movement & Core Music Skills in a fresh, fun & functional way, using music-based activities. This resource is progressive but flexible and is aimed at all nursery staff - including those who feel “I am not musical”. Use familiar words, sounds & movements to make learning inviting & non-threatening. Teach children to relate to music, rhythm, and a count. Respond to visual symbols & cues, sing & relate to pitch. Develop early creativity skills like contributing, imagining & pretending, making simple choices, learning to repeat things, combining simple elements into new things, learn the enjoyment of performance. It’s a lot of fun!
Creative Pack
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