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ABC Creative Music Online Feedback - Feedback via Online Feedback Forms (Scroll Down for more)



17 May 2012 Sing/Play After Me...Me and my class think these is super. Thank you from me.

17 May 2012 Warm Up: Boing Song That was so fun my boys and girls want to do it all day.

16 May 2012 Boing Song - Faster & Slower...Super fun!

16 May 2012 Boing Song - Faster & Slower...We enjoyed listening and doing actions to change in tempo.

14 May 2012 Boing Song 1...awesome, fantastic, cool

12 May 2012 ABC Site Feedback very good website.

12 May 2012 Teachers Toolkit 1 My class says that was fun. Thank you for making it.

9 May 2012 Tell the Difference - Higher, Lower, the Same ...The Primary 4s worked really well on this task, spotting the difference between notes and pitch in the music. They had lots of fun dancing!

9 May 2012 Hide & Seek - Cat & Mouse Super!

4 May 2012 (Sing/Play After Me)...All pupils used instruments when required to do so and only when YOU was called. Children responded well to the count in and recognised the number of counts.

4 May 2012 (Movement Game- How Many?)...Pupils could easily move to both animal sounds and chime bar. Pupils enjoyed the game and were keen to be instrument players or animals.

1 May 2012 Explore Sounds - Materials Super!

26 April 2012 Hi still loving all the lessons on the website. I've been assess as I've been going along but I'm having a few problem retrieving the info - is this section meant to be up and running. When I went into the pupil section the traffic light section didn't marry up with what I've put in. When I down loaded the whole class one into excel it came up with children's names that aren't in my class. In the next few weeks I'll be delivering a session to other teaching staff at my school to show them all the lovely things on the site - so I'm really looking forward to that. (Ed - Error now fixed)

25 April 2012 (Warm Up: Relaxation/Listening Wood )...Good listening activity. Second part missing I think.

23 April 2012 Biddley Bop Bee #2 ...
I liked that you could keep changing it to make it tricky. Lili P2. I liked that we had to play our instruments then put them down quickly then be ready again. Charlie P2 (I used the jump icon to represent playing their instruments instead. Kirsty Hall (teacher)) (Ed - Great Idea Kirsty!)

19 April 2012 14 Boing Song 1 ...Fab

18 April 2012 (Warm Up: Count to Four (Upper Primary))...Really Good Interactive and fun and loved the simple yet groovy backing.Thanks

18 April 2012 WIBBLY WOBBLY Loud Soft Dance Drecko - It was brilliant because I won!
MAdison - it was lovely!

18 April 2012 The Machine Song Megan - it was so much fun! Daniel - It was awesome!
Kai - I like it because it has slow and fast movement and I liked the beat of it.
Grace - I thought it was fun because I liked moving like a robot.

17 April 2012 Biddley Bop Bee #1 It was great, I loved the wooos. Chloe P2.
I like how it came on the screen so you knew (when to do the action). Scott P2.

29 March 2012 Warm Up: Tick Tock Did not enjoy this one, found track quite annoying.(Ed - Seems Tick Tock is one you either love or hate!)

28 March 2012 (Warm Up Your Voice)..."Immense!" "Funny" "Brill" "Silly, but in a good way."
"Good""Gets you in a good mood" "Fun"

28 March 2012 Warm Up: Monster Steps Butterfly Dance

I think the monster music makes you think of angry things and the butterfly makes you calm. I liked acting like this for the music.
Rebecca p2

I would like it if there was a 'ping' or something to let you know you can now make monster noises. Then we could listen for the ping instead of the teacher telling us. Charlie P2(Ed - Charlie - you need to listen to the music changing!)

26 March 2012 (Biddley Bop Bee #1)...fun... exciting...a wee bit hard...fantastic

22 March 2012 Warm Up: Tick Tock That really helped children learn rhythm. Very good.

22 March 2012 (Warm Up: Disco Tom (Revise))...Good fun

21 March 2012 Biddley Bop Bee #1 we liked the song and the actions were fun

21 March 2012 Sing/Play After Me We liked the funky music!

21 March 2012 (Warm Up: Boing Song)...\"I liked when we had to growl!" William P3

19 March 2012 I'm a bit confused the stuff on the website for P4 isn't the same as the P4 folder we have in class - am I looking at the wrong section? We have P4 pack V2.0. (Ed - Yes - P4 Online is quite different to P4 Pack v2.0)

19 March 2012 Warm Up: Count to Four (Upper Primary) We can count the beat. We play in time with our instruments. We understand the beat. We found the song repetitive. It helped us to keep the beat.

14 March 2012 Warm Up: Monday Tuesday Good fun, energetic. We learned how make our own music. We learned how to follow the beat and that beats can have pauses.
We learned all about Rhythms.Overall the class had a great time.

13 March 2012 Warm Up: Monday Tuesday Interesting, liked making noises, difficult to keep the rhythm and say or do actions at the same time.

8 March 2012 Lesson: P3, Journey 3: Tell the difference: we couldn't get more than three examples and the fourth stopped in the middle. It would also be good to have a fast forward function as sometimes it's good to repeat activity but you don't always want an explaination. (Ed - Thanks. Stopping early fixed and skip button added)

6 March 2012 Tell us what you think... For the P6&7 develop music skills I can only access a few sections on the trial course, i completed them in one session with the kids and now cannot do any other lessons, why is this? (Ed - To get full course you need a subscription or be in a pilot area.)

5 March 2012 Boing Song 1 "It was fun." "It was great." "The 'Boing' bit was funny."
"The music was funny." "The shapes changing helped us keep the rhythm."

2 March 2012 Biddley Bop Bee #2 - Interactive I prefer the music from the practice sessions, the piano in the interactive song is a bit too much.

2 March 2012 WIBBLY WOBBLY Loud Soft Dance
"It was lots of fun!" "It's really good." "It's very funny because you get to wobble about."
"I love it and it's good fun. I'd like to play it again." "You can tell the difference if it's loud or soft." "Thanks for making it. It's really fun."This is a warm-up activity that I will definitely repeat many times!

2 March 2012 Warm Up: Count to Four (Upper Primary) "Brilliant!" "We get more exercise while doing music." "We're learning to keep the beat in a fun way."

1 March 2012 Develop Your Voice 2 : We liked this one very much and felt it helped us be more tuneful.

1 March 2012 (Develop Your Voice 1)...Quite good - helped us think about breathing.

1 March 2012 Lesson: P3, Journey 2: Music in Bits Are there different parts to this section with the different parts missing as I think I may have missed them. (Ed - Yes press start and you will the bits (drums, bass, melody) seperately and then together.)

28 February 2012 (Star Drummers #1)...We are getting into it OK! Only problem is I can't seem to find where I assess the pupils. Got the assessment page-where do I update?(Ed - Staffroom>Assess Pupils. Start Drummers is a multi step activity so the online assessemnt page may be too simple for this activity)

23 February 2012 (Warm Up: Tick Tock) Not so keen on this one - went on too long. Not clear on instructions and contradictory to music.

23 February 2012 Develop Your Voice 1 Another good lesson but it would be good to have more control over the videos - i.e. full screen, or being able to change the size of the video screen. (Ed - Thanks. We will be adding a full screen option at some point. We have this on a list of improvements.)

23 February 2012 Warm Up Your Voice Excellent! The pupils loved the set music and 'phrases' and found this a really fun activity.

21 February 2012 Sing the Blues 1 catchy, fun. rhythm, confidence when singing, shows you how to sing the blues, good guidance when to sing

1 February 2012 (Warm Up: Count to Four (Upper Primary)...Great tune that gets you moving.Helps you keep the beat and keep in time.

30 January 2012 Teachers Toolkit 1 I think the music available as the teacher's toolkit could be used very easily and very effectively.

26 January 2012 Lesson: P3, Journey 1: Pick a Number, Hide & Seek - Cat & Mouse
I'm really enjoying delivering the on-line resources and I think the assessment tool is really useful - I'm just a little bit disappointed that there is only one (I realise this is under construction) but it is a great way for me to feedback to class teachers.
(Ed - You can use the success criteria supplied to assess activites as you do them, but we will try and add more assessment activities.)

26 January 2012 (Warm Up Your Voice)...We liked this one. Good for voice and good for rhythm.

26 January 2012 (Warm Up: Count to Four Song (Revise)) We enjoyed but felt it too young for P7. (Ed - You are right. It is the wrong version. Now fixed.)

23 January 2012 (Count to Four Song #1 )...They liked the song and when they had to count to four while keeping the beat marching at the same time.

23 January 2012 (Left-Hand Right-Hand Song >) The children liked putting their hands in the air and they especially liked turning around.

18 January 2012 (Boing Song 1)...The children loved clapping and bouncing to the boing.

18 January 2012 Warm Up: Monster Steps Butterfly Dance The children liked stamping to the monster music.

17 January 2012 Count to Four Interactive
final part- count to four interactive was difficult to follow if put in more than one action at a time.(Ed - Thanks. Advice added to lesson)

23 November 2011 Tell the Difference - Which Beat of the Bar ...it was good fun but the audio recording could have been longer.

4 November 2011 Hide & Seek - Cat & Mouse
Children very engaged. Nice introduction to use of letters as music notes. Children have requested to play this game in their own time.

20 September 2011 Teachers Toolkit 1 What did you think of that lesson? (Teachers Toolkit 1)...excellent

27 June 2011 ABC Site Feedback Tell us what you think...great we do it at school

1 June 2011 Jumble Bars What did you think of that lesson? (Jumble Bars )...This was a very hard lesson and pupils and myself had little success with it. The concept was good but wondered if a possible suggestion would be to perhaps start with three sounds (high-middle-low) to order and then as an extension add two others. I know this does not match with the five steps concept but would make it more accessible for all children. Thanks (Ed - Thanks. Initial step with three pitches now added.)

27 April 2011 Warm Up: Disco Tom What did you think of that lesson? (Warm Up: Disco Tom)...
We think this warm up lesson is
* very good *fun *fandabbydosy *fun and I would want to do it again *like a disco *unique *fantastic *really enjoyable
So a big thumbs up!!

23 March 2011 Rhythm Makes You Move - Put it Together What did you think of that lesson? (Rhythm Makes You Move - Put it Together)...Love the idea. Sorry to be pedantic but, shouldn\'t practise be spelt with an \'s\'? (Ed - Yes, you are right by george. Fixed)

7 March 2011 Warm Up: Disco Tom What did you think of that lesson? (Warm Up: Disco Tom)... I think that it would be better if there was an indicator of the length of the music. (Ed - Great idea now added to site. Thanks)

6 March 2011 Unspecified Lesson
This is a firm favourite with the whole class and everyone puts in a tremendous effort. In fact we go back to this from time to time
by popular demand as a warm up before new lessons. The children have independently come up with an activity they enjoy doing in the gym hall based on this task as a warm up before PE lessons.

6 March 2011 Tell us what you think!...Traffic Light Assessment Loving the website! One recommendation I would suggest would be to have a box above the traffic lights and effort to select all pupils then those who have not achieved or put in enough effort could be checked off the list. I would really appreciate this as I find it tedious to be clicking a tick box 26 times for each lesson!
(Ed - Great idea now added to site. Thanks)

6 March 2011 What did you think of that lesson? (Left-Hand Right-Hand Song >)...I made red and blue laminated bracelets for each child to wear. They loved the song and moved in rhythm whilst choosing the correct hand to wave in the air. They particularly loved the turn around part of the song.

17 December 2010 ...I\'ve just gone through all of the Year One lesson plans. I teach Expressive Arts in an ASN school for children with complex needs, and with them in mind I think this could be an excellent music resource. The music used is appropriate to all ages, and I can see this also being useful for some of the children at the secondary ASN school.

12 October 2010 What did you think of that lesson? (Count to Four Song #3- Percussion >)... cool

18/6/2010 Parrot Song
Children loved the parrot. Unusual that words were jumbled. I had to read it to the children as they couldn't read it.
(Ed - Yes. Now fixed!)

18/6/2010 Unspecified Lessons
Great!! Lots of fun!

24/5/2010 Left Hand Right Hand Song
Children\'s words: \"It was awesome!\" Hamish \" I didn\'t like the bit when we spinned!\" Poppy \"Great\" Madeleine

24/5/2010 Unspecified Lesson
Really love the visuals for this. Makes it much easier than using the laminated sheets. Children love the movement on the board.

24/5/10 Monster Steps Butterfly Dance
Handy to have the instructions read to us rather than having to look through the book like I usually have to do.
Would have been nice to have something visual to put on the smartboard
E.g. Butterflies fluttering around on smartboard at butterfly music etc (Ed - great idea. Now added!)

24/5/10 Teacher Toolkit: Timer Countdown
Funny tunes the children will like. Countdown clock at the top could have been bigger. (Ed - use full screen button to make it big)




ABC Creative Music Online Feedback -Other Feedback


"My name is Janet Kerr and I am a PGDE student at Dundee University. I just want to write and thank you for your amazing input on Thursday. I was petrified at the thought of teaching music...but not now. This is such an amazing resource and now I can't wait to teach music. I've signed up and raring to go."

Teaching student (about to start final placement) feedback after 2 hour training session

"ABC Creative Music Online is benefitting teachers and children in Edinburgh because it is so easy for teachers to use and it is absolutely up to date with the new Curriculum for Excellence. The lessons are colourful and interactive and provide active learning for children at an appropriate level for teacher and children. The online assessment and planning features are motivating teachers to get involved even if music isn't in their comfort zone. The approach is very creativity centred and is very much aligned with our priorities for expressive arts. "
David Leslie, Quality Improvement Officer: Expressive Arts, Edinburgh City Council

"the website is easy to use...the children love it and ask for it every day!" Sarah Hall, Class Teacher, Edinburgh

"The training was well planned and superbly delivered. Even the most non-musical of teachers will find the resource simple and easy to use, while there is sufficient scope for the more-musical to strive for even greater depth. After the training we were all excited and eager to bring more music into our classrooms. Thanks ABC for some great training and a fabulous resource. Our school is alive with the sound of music! ABC has always been a great resource but the new online version is perfect for the interactive whiteboard generation." Ian Armstrong, Class Teacher, Strathesk Primary, Midlothian

"ABC training was informative, non-threatening (to non-musical people such as me!). Tom who ran the training was open, friendly and happy to help out with any classroom issues. The ABC website brings this resource alive. The activities are fun and the children get a real sense of achievement from completing them. Teachers are able to break down the skills in
manageable proportions in an easy, clear way. I love using the website as everything is at your fingertips - from clear instructions to the music needed for each activity. No more working with books, cards and cds at the same time. Thanks Tom." Donna Agnew, Class Teacher, Midlothian

"Have really enjoyed using your website...its great and the kids love it." Class Teacher East Craigs Primary , Edinburgh


"In Y6 we have used the ‘We are, we do’ which was about learning how to write and perform a rap, then we did the lessons on ‘The Blues’ which was writng lyrics and performing a Blues song. The children enjoyed them a lot.
The materials are very good and the objectives and instructions on the internet are also really clear and easy to use."

'My class are really enjoying the ABC music lessons. It is very easy to use, the instructions a very clear and the activities are attractive for the kids. They have especially liked the Boing song lessons and the left and right song.'

'Yes, we have enjoyed using ABC Creative Music in my class. The kids love it, particularly the songs + follow the beat/rhythms type of activities. They really had fun learning "The Boing Song" and "Count 1,2,3,4, " (I think it was called!) in Journey 2. The instructions are explicitly clear and the visual examples make it easier to teach . It's great...so well done!'

I've found that the kids really respond well to the fact that we're following instructions on the whiteboard rather than just me telling them what to do. I'm a music specialist so I've been adding to it a little as I go along. Icons on the Floor is a good lesson. A good controlled way to do composition with 6 year olds! They love the songs. We sometimes just log on and do one to start or end the day. Well done - great resource."

Teacher Feedback from a British International School

Feedback from Probationer Teachers at Dundee University after 2 hours of training on ABC Online

The input from Tom was fantastic and I have registered with his courses already! (PGDE Primary student)

The ABC Creative Music session was really helpful. I was very worried about going into my probation year as music is not one of my strong points. I now feel that with the use of ABC Creative Music I will be able to give children a greater learning experience as the resources available are easy to follow and the children will find them enjoyable. I am very grateful that I was given the opportunity to take part in the session. (B.Ed.4 Primary student)

I thought the session was fantastic. It was so engaging and gave me loads of great ideas. The on-line materials look brilliant and I can't wait to teaching music at early stages. (PGDE Primary student)

The music session was creative and showed us a very realistic way of using this programme in the classroom. It is easily adaptable and provides an excellent framework for us to work with as new teachers. (PGDE Primary student)

I really enjoyed the session and hope to use the resource in the classroom one day. I would also feel confident using the resource as it is so easy to use and access. I think all teachers would benefit from an input from Tom as he explained all about the website very clearly and made us all feel confident in our ability to teach music. (B.Ed.4 student)

David McDonald, Creative Scotland's Youth Arts Manager said:
"Creating access to music making, especially for those young people that would not normally have the chance, is the backbone of the Youth Music Initiative. We want to see music and creativity become an integral part of the daily lives of young people and central to the delivery of a Curriculum for Excellence.
ABC's new resource will provide classroom teachers with the toolkit that they need to teach music confidently and enjoy it too!."