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About Us

ABC Creative Music develops products based on the
revolutionary set of ideas about music called the
Apple Banana Carrot method.
It was developed over the last 15 years by
leading Scottish jazz musicians Tom and Phil Bancroft.

The Apple Banana Carrot method looks at the process
of music making and creativity, rather than the end results.
It focuses on keeping music creativity safe and enjoyable
while students are learning to stop the amount of information
being managed becoming overwhelming. It's a little like learning
to make cakes by using a simple recipe to make a cake.
Then you eat the cake. Then make another.
This is instead of beginning by analysing
the biochemistry of a pre-existing cake.

The method focuses on the psychology of
creativity to make teaching and learning safe and fun.
By using simple of ideas of form, students learn
how to immediately make music both in real-time
(improvisation) and ahead of time (composition)
before applying their creative skills to their instrument.

The Apple Banana Carrot method makes music
creativity safe and fun for kids from 3 upwards.
It also makes teaching music creativity accessible
and non-threatening to non-specialist teachers.
Being non-specialist oriented also makes this
approach ideal for supporting music based activities
being used to teach other curricular areas with music
(see Global Citizenship Through Music for an example).

However the approach is not just applicable to
beginners and young children. The techniques
based on the method have also been used to
teach composition and improvisation at university level.



ABC Creative Music is 'a music & creativity creation company'


• Formed June 2001
• Business Plan Won 'Who Wants to Be An Entrepreneur' Competition Dec 2000
• First Product to Market Jan 2002
• Core IPR Patent application submitted March 2001

Product Ranges

Innovative music education products
• resource packs for nursery, primary, instrumental, SEN/ASN sectors
• age range 3 to adult
• targeted at non specialist and specialist teachers
• teaches music, creativity, performance
• addresses real problems in delivering strategic music educational goals
• new online interactive whiteboard based program at www.abcmusic.org.uk

Core Team:

Tom & Phil Bancroft

are two of the UK's leading jazz musicians. Phil (centre) plays saxophone and leads his own projects, including the multi-media show 'Home Small as the World' as well as playing in many other projects. One of these is the group Trio AAB , also featuring Tom (right), which recently closed the Delhi Jazz Festival to 10,000 people. Tom is a winner of the BBC Jazz Award for Innovation and a Creative Scotland Award. He runs his own big band Orchestro Interrupto and the band Trio Red, as well as playing in Trio AB and other groups. Tom and Phil have played with many world class musicians from the jazz, pop, and folk scenes including Sun Ra, Tommy Smith, Martyn Bennett, Bill Wells, Hue & Cry and many others.

For more info:

Tom: www.interrupto.com

Phil: www.philbancroft.com

Barbara Scott

Barbara (left) is a classically trained pianist, singer, and harpist and was a music specialist for 30 years in Edinburgh schools. She joined ABC when she realised they were developing resources with ideas very similar to ones she had been using herself for years in the classroom, both in mainstream and SEN/ASN education. Barbara is also a talented visual artist.