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Performance, Creative Music, Citizenship & Literacy in P6/P7

We Are We Do Rap Video Clip

This is a group from a mixed P6/P7 class at Our Lady's Primary School in Perth
after a few weeks of ABC work led by their own class teacher (the fantastic Jane Taylor)
performing a 'We Are We Do' Rap. They composed their own lyrics working in a small group, focussing on what it is like to live in scotland, placing syllables into a rhythmic grid, and using rhyme. They practiced performing their rap in front of their peers in an X factor style peer assessment session.

The perfomances were also videoed so they were able to self assess.

They went on to do this Rap (as well as sing and play percussion) at Perth Concert Hall as part of the Bang Bop Bash project led by ABC's Tom Bancroft.

(please allow a few minutes to download before streaming begins)

Download the lesson plan, handouts and mp3 to do this activity for free here.