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  Global Citizenship Through Music : Buy Grooves Workbook

To see a movie on how to buy tracks from the iTunes Store :

Click on video title to view video (this requires a broadband connection)

Buy Grooves 1 : Buy Tracks

If you have deleted music from the Purchased folder and want to find it, what do you do?

Any music purchased and downloaded into iTunes will still be in the Library>Music section of iTunes.Deleting songs from Purchased only removes them from that folder. Click on Music underneath the LIBRARY heading in the left hand pane of ther main iTunes window. The music will still be there and you can fidn it eithe rby Album title, or Artist name, or you can use the search window in the top right hand corner. You can even drag and drop songs back into the Purchased folder if you want to.

Q. I can't find iMixes in iTunes Store anymore?


Ans: iMixes have been replaced by Playlists. You can just type "ABC Afro Cuban Playlist" in the Search window at the top right of the main iTunes Home page and you will find the Afro Cuban playlist. Then click on "All Playlists bu this user:" t dsee the rest. Download a replacement page for the Buy Grooves Workbook by Right -Clicking (PC) or Ctrl-clicking here.