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  Global Citizenship Through Music

Welcome to the Global Citizenship Through Music homepage.

If you would like to know more about the Global Citizenship through Music Pack see the information sheet here (to see download options right click (PC) or Option Click (Mac))

or the online catalogue page here

download info sheet pdf for GCTM IT requirements here

To see quotes from teachers using GCTM click here.


User Section:


If you are a user who is needing a pack component that is not available on the site currently please click email tom@applebananacarrot.com or call 0131 653 0800.


Start the Resource Handout:

Please download the updated 'Start the Resource Handout' here.
This should resolve any issues in finding folders on the DVD Rom.


Product Omissions:


The optional Afro-Cuban Movies 12 & 13 Add a Bembo and Add a Cascara are not on the v1.0 DVD. They are present on the v1.1 and v2.0 DVD. If you still have a v1.0 DVD contact us for a free upgrade.

  Support FAQ:

Q. I can't find iMixes in iTunes Store anymore?


Ans: iMixes have been replaced by Playlists. You can just type "ABC Afro Cuban Playlist" in the Search window at the top right of the main iTunes Home page and you will find the Afro Cuban playlist. Then click on "All Playlists By This User" to see the rest. Download a replacement page for the Buy Grooves Workbook by Right -Clicking (PC) or Ctrl-clicking here.

  Download updated 2011 Act7b/1 Mastering Practice Workbook by Right -Clicking (PC) or Ctrl-clicking here

Q. Where do I find the DVD-Rom contents folder GCTM - 07.

Ans: If you put your GCTM DVD into a Mac or PC you can access the DVD Rom contents folder in the following ways:

Mac: Double click on the DVD icon on your desktop and you willl find the DVD Rom Contents folder inside.

PC: Right click on the DVD in My Computer and select open. (If you just double click on it it will play the DVD as if you put it into a DVD player.)

Please download a replacement 'Start the Resource' handout here for updated instructions on this task.


Q. If I want to show my class the Buy Grooves: Buy Tracks movie we saw at the training where can I get it?

This file is in your DVD Rom Contents folder in the Buy Grooves section.
Drag it onto your computer hard disk to play as generally the DVD Reader wont be able to play it straight from the DVD ROM.

Your pupils can watch the movie online here. They just need to click on the file name and it will start to play in their browser after a few seconds.
If you want to download a higher quality version of the movie to watch on a smartboard or from your computer:
Mac: Control Click on the file name below and choose 'Download Linked file as....'
PC: Right Click on the file name below and choose 'Save Linked File as...."
Buy Grooves: Buy Tracks (High Quality)
This file is 50Mb big so will take 15 to 30 minutes to download.



Q. Can I use the DVD on my smartboard?

Ans: Yes you can but you will need to address the volume being produced by the speakers of the laptop or pc running the smartboard. You will probably need to plug in speakers or connect the PC to a hi-fi or ghetto blaster to boost the volume.


Q. Can I make a CD for my enterprise project using songs composed by other people for example christmas songs,chart songs, or music done by a music specialist?

Ans: Yes you can do this although it will have to be a recording of you or your children performing the pieces.It will cost about £5 to £50 depending on what you choose to do and how many CDs you make but you will need to go through the PRS for Music (previously called the MCPS).

You can get more info online here. It can be confusing so I would recommend phoning and explaining what you want to do on 020 8378 7500 or a very nice guy called Duncan at the Scottish office on 0141 333 1158. He would like to hear from you and can be emailed on duncan.mccrone@mcps.co.uk


Q: When I put my recordings into iTunes using 'Add to Library' the Mac or PC wont let me eject my mp3 recorder saying something like 'this disk is in use'?

Ans: Go into the preferences section of iTunes (Edit menu on PC and the iTunes menu on Mac) and click on the Advanced tab. Tick the box saying 'Copy music to iTunes Folder when adding to Library'.

You will need to delete the files you have added from your mp3 recorder and add them to library again so that iTunes is using files copied onto your computer hard disk not sitting on the memory card in the mp3 recorder. Now you should be able to eject the mp3 recorder.


Q: I have lost some handouts of they seem to be missing?

Ans: Remember that all the handouts are in the DVD Rom Contents folder on your DVD or CD Rom in pdf format for you to print out.


Q. I am having problems playing the training movies (Buy Grooves or Create an Account) on a PC?

Ans: If you double click these movies they will probably not play properly. Right click on them and select 'Open With' and choose Quicktime. This is always installed when iTunes is installed so you will be able to play the movies on that.