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  Free Class Activity from ABC Creative Music

Hello, here you can find all the files necessary to do the music activity -

We Are We Do

In this activity your kids will compose and perform a rap about living in Scotland to a funky backing track.



To hear an example of what they will do click here.




Step 1:

Download three mp3 files:

To Download:

PC Users: right click on the blue file name and choose 'Save Target as....."
or Mac Users: control click on the blue file name and choose 'Download linked file'

Track 1. We Are We Do Chorus Example mp3

Track 2. We are We Do Full Example mp3

Track 3. We Are We Do Backing Track mp3


Once on your computer import the mp3 files into iTunes (or similar program) and burn onto an CDR blank using the track order above. Or you can play the tracks straight from a computer or an iPod/mp3 player.

For a Free download of iTunes for PC go here: http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/itunes605forwindows.html

for Mac go here:




Step 2:

Download the following 3 pdf files and print them out. Your students will be working in 'bands' of 4 to 6 and you will need to print or photocopy a copy of each handout for each band.

To Download:

PC Users: right click on the blue file name and choose 'Save Target as....."
or Mac Users: control click on the blue file name and choose 'Download linked file'

1. We Are We Do Handout Example

2. We Are We Do Worksheet

3. We Are We Do Teacher instructions


Step 3:

These instructions are also on the We are We Do teacher instructions which are for download as pdf to use in the classroom.

1. Split the class into bands of 4 to 6 students. Make sure each band has a We Are We Do Example handout to look at.

2. Play them the chorus example (track 1 on CD). Ask the class just to listen to it at first. Then ask them to clap the rhythm of the words along with the track. Once this is confident....

3. Practice rapping the example chorus along with track 1 on the CD.

Try splitting the whole class into 2 halves and ask one half to rap and the other half to listen and feedback on volume, rhythmic accuracy, clarity of diction. Then swap over. This will improve listening and performance.

4. Now play the full example (track 2 on CD). Discuss the ways syllables and words have been put in the boxes and practice the whole class saying the lyrics in time with the CD. Discuss the verse chorus structure (chorus 2x, verse 1 2x, then chorus 2x, verse 2 2x,etc). Also have the whole class saying the compound count along with the example track (1234,2234,3234,4234).

5. Gine each band a worksheet. Ask each band to compose their own verses. Ask them to think about what they like and don't like about living in Scotland. Play the backing track for the bands to practice performing their lyrics in time. Ask one person in each group to say the compound count out loud and point at the sheet when practicing.

6. Once bands have practiced their songs put on a performance. Get each band in turn to stand at the front of the class and perform their rap to the rest of the class. Remember to encourage good performance skills - smiling, introducing the band name slowly and clearly, acknowledging applause at the end. Ask for X Factor style feedback on the composition and the performance from the rest of the class - we would suggest moderating this to be positive or constructive feedback only. Why not make a video or audio recording!


Please send us any audio or video recordings - we'd love to hear them.

If you would like more information on ABC Creative Music resources call 0131 653 0800 or email us here.