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The Music in ABC resources is better.....

Children & Teachers really respond to the diverse, fun, and catchy music in ABC resources. The music contains sounds from a wide range of musical styles with witty arrangements that children love.

Click on the track names below to hear just a few samples of the music from ABC resources.

Lower Primary

Boing Song - build rhythm skills by doing actions and sounds with the 'Boing'. Fun and catchy. A kids favourite. You can add percussion or play pass the percussion round a circle.....

Count to Four - learn to count with the rhythm with a world music flavour.

The Woodsman Song - a beautiful song for children to learn that introduces the 'Explore Materials' strand on Wood, and uses concepts of Loud and Soft.

Wood - a sound picture of different sounds to be made from Wood.

Mid Primary

Monday Tuesday - movement and actions building rhythm skills using a 2 bar phrase. Looking at the bar as a way of organising a succession of beats. Compare it to a week as a way to organise a succession of days. Good for making performance material.

When the Drum Plays -sing and learn rhythm and movement in a roots country style. Line Dancing with percussion anyone?

Plastic is Fantastic is a song from the Explore Materials strand with an ecology theme and in an electro pop vein. Remember Gary Numan?

Upper Primary

Star Drummer Worksheet Level 1 Example - an example track to play in the class to shpw the children that they must learn the drum sticking patterns ( Right and Left) and then compose lyrics for a rap, all of which they will play to the rest of the class in an X factor style performance.

Do You Wanna Get to Know Who We Are- a class song where the children work in bands and write verses about themselves to rap in between this chorus. There is a gap for them to say the name of their class - primary 6, primary 7.

Beautiful World - a beautiiful class song that can be learnt on chime bars to introduce melody and lyric writing - with an ecology theme.

Disco Tommy - a funky track to wake up and warm up