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NEW PRODUCTS now available in 2010


  • songs taught on DVD
  • backing tracks on CD
  • create a fun welcoming choir for all pupils
  • chances to compose your own lyrics
  • dvd led voice and breathing classes
Make singing a fun activity for all the children in your school. A selection of fun songs will help you to get a choir going in your school, or do songs with your class. Build vocal confidence and pitch skills with a range of pitch and voice development games on DVD. Sing a fun selection of songs with the usual ABC mix of fun, cool backing tracks and melodies, and great ideas for performing at concerts including write your own lyrics, scat and improvisation ideas, movement, and body percussion.
Pack 1: Age 9-12

Singing Pack feedback

"The singing pack provides clear guidelines and instructions for the class teacher to use. The CD's and the DVD are very useful and can be used seperately or together. The greatest advantage of the pack is its flexibility. The lessons and activities are easily transferrable to any topic and allows the pupils greater scope for personalisation and choice as weel as cross curricular links. It is very CfE friendly. The activities are practical and fun. When the pupils were told they were 'doing' music, there was a collective 'Yes!' from the class. The emphasis on performance is great and this was proven when the pupils performed their own raps at their class assembly. It went down a treat." Simon Leitch, Bellfield Primary School

"The ABC Singing Pack is a valuable resource to have in the classroom,
especially for teachers who are not as confident in delivering music.
Super, fun warm-ups which I have used at assembly and in the classroom.
A great resource!" Roseanne Smith, Primary Class Teacher East Ayrshire

"The children are enjoying the music and the variety of fun activities,
eg raps." Ailsa Walker, Primary Class Teacher East Ayrshire

"Children in P5/6 and in P6/7 have enjoyed writing both raps/blues. At
first some children find singing quite daunting but they
develop more confidence as they practise. I can see a real change in
them as we progress through the Journeys."
Rhona Crawford, Primary Class Teacher, Dunlop PS, East Ayrshire



  • guidance notes for common disorders eg autistic spectrum
  • advice on tailoring a program to an individual child
  • visual aids and backing CDs
ABC Creative Music resources provide teachers and carers with flexible, multi-sensory approaches for using music with children with special needs. These 3 packs represents a collection of a wide range of tested ABC activities appropriate for children with Special Needs, and advice and techniques for carers and teachers. Music for SEN demands a flexible, creative approach to find activities that fit as each child is different. This pack gives you a diverse range of resources and advice for this work.

"For everyone in the school who are not musically trained and very intimidated
by a music program it's been a really simple resource just to let them use and have
a great effect with the children. It's just so simple...the children can take part and make
their own music on their own level.. but you can also see the progression as the
children get a bit older. It's been really really welcomed by the staff I think first of all its a very simple resource to use everything is clearly laid out, very colourful.. the overall effect of the programme within the school is just that the children absolutely and utterly enjoy every moment.""

Rhoda MacDougall, Headteacher, Lochies School, Clackmannanshire



  • Afro-Cuban: the clave
  • India: Intro to the tabla
  • Ghana: Intro to African Drums
  • Scotland: Intro to the Jig
To follow: Gamelan
The Play World Groove Section of GCTM is incredibly popular with teachers and students alike. Largely taught on DVD they provide a fun and exciting way to get children into World Music grooves, giving a flavour of how music is learnt in each country without needing the authentic instruments,. In response to demand from teachers, we are making this material available as individual modules for use in the upper primary or secondary classrooms. Each module includes concepts, terms and an inventing activity the meets the requirements for GCSE or Standard Grade.
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