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2011 - GCTM Project in Dumfries & Galloway

20 schools are working with the Global Citizenship Through Music pack in D&G as part of their YMI program - and so getting to grips with the fantastic iTunes software - and many music specialists also attended the training IST's which was great. At our follow up school visits and 2nd Twilight training session the feedback has been very positive.


ABC Online was featured at the Music Learning Live Conference in Glasgow. Pilots in Edinburgh, East Ayrshire, Midlothian, Western Isles, and Dumfries & Galloway have been launched. Great feedback from teachers. Go here for more info and short videos demoing site.

David McDonald, Creative Scotland's Youth Arts Manager said:
"Creating access to music making, especially for those young people that would not normally have the chance, is the backbone of the Youth Music Initiative. We want to see music and creativity become an integral part of the daily lives of young people and central to the delivery of a Curriculum for Excellence. ABC's new resource will provide classroom teachers with the toolkit that they need to teach music confidently and enjoy it too!."

David Leslie, Quality Improvement Officer: Expressive Art, Edinburgh said - "ABC Creative Music Online is benefitting teachers and children in Edinburgh because it is so easy for teachers to use and it is absolutely up to date with the new Curriculum for Excellence. The lessons are colourful and interactive and provide active learning for children at an appropriate level for teacher and children. The online assessment and planning features are motivating teachers to get involved even if music isn't in their comfort zone. The approach is very creativity centred and is very much aligned with our priorities for expressive arts. We are also happy that the resource is available free to schools in Edinburgh for 2 years as part of a Creative Scotland pilot."


ABC has secured SAC/YMI funding to develop an online version of our music resources for delivery via smartboards. Click here for details of a new approach to primary music education.


2010 Great Feedback for Singing Pack

"The ABC Singing Pack is a valuable resource to have in the classroom,
especially for teachers who are not as confident in delivering music.
Super, fun warm-ups which I have used at assembly and in the classroom.
A great resource!" Roseanne Smith, Primary Class Teacher East Ayrshire

"The children are enjoying the music and the variety of fun activities,
eg raps." Ailsa Walker, Primary Class Teacher East Ayrshire

"Children in P5/6 and in P6/7 have enjoyed writing both raps/blues. At
first some children find singing quite daunting but they
develop more confidence as they practise. I can see a real change in
them as we progress through the Journeys."
Rhona Crawford, Primary Class Teacher, Dunlop PS, East Ayrshire


ABC are really excited to announce the availability of 4 fantastic new packs:

ASN/SEN Pack 1

ASN/SEN Pack 2

ASN/SEN Pack 3

and Creative SINGING FOR ALL 1 (P6/7).

We also have exciting new contracts in Clackmannanshire and Inverclyde.


Kidsamonium Music Creativity Tour 2008

This tour is supported by the Youth Music Inititative and the Scottish Arts Council.

It is taking the show Kidsamonium round Scotland with a range of music workshops -

• the Chicken Gang Workshop for young musicians to take part in the show as 'the Chicken Gang',

• Brass/Woodwing Masterclass for young instrumentalists and their teachers,

• ABC Creativity Workshops for children who have attended the show to develop their music creativity at a series of ABC Creative Music workshops.

For video of Kidsamonium go here

For more information on performances or workshops email here

Tour Dates:

26th June South Lanarkshire - Kidsamonium Performance at Larkhall Academy
plus Chicken Gang Workshop & Brass Woodwind Masterclass
Follow Up ABC Creativity Workshops - all day 1st/2nd/3rd July

June 28th Glasgow Jazz Festival - Kidsamonium Performance.
Creativity Workshops to happen after summer holidays email here to book a place (nb places are limited)

12th September Edinburgh Queens Hall - Schools Only Performance of Kidsamonium & Final Chicken Gang Workshop.

13th September Edinburgh Queens Hall Public Performance of Kidsamonium & Brass Masterclass
Call to book tickets on 0131 668 2019.

14th September Brechin Festival Public Performance Kidsamonium - Chicken Gang workshops to happen in August/September, Creativity Workshops & Masterclass tbc.
Go to www.thebooth.co.uk for tickets.

15th September Ullapool Performance of Kidsamonium - Workshops & Masterclass details tbc.
Call 07592 008735 for tickets.

16th/17th September Kilmarnock Chicken Gang Workshops, Brass Masterclass and Kidsamonium schools only performance ( to 800 school kids!!) Creativity Workshops dates tbc

21st September Perth Concert Hall public performance of Kidsamonium
this date has unfortunately had to be postponed. we hope to bring the show to Perth in november or december. Watch this space.


Great Feedback from School using ABC Materials in P1-P7

see here

New updated v3.0 product range announced

The ABC product range from P1 to P7 has been revised with the following features that respond to teacher feedback:

  • new Instrument recognition thread
  • new pitch recognition development activities using "the mouse and the cat on the stairs"
  • web based support
  • downloadable planning and assessment sheets
  • converting Upper Primary Module 1 & 2 into 3 packs for P5, P6, and P7.
  • improved flow through between packs when used in whole school including less repetition of activities between packs

ABC Project in the London Jazz Festival

Tom and Phil Bancroft will be leading a project in 4 primary schools in Barnet, North London ending in a performance on November 16th called "Voice/Body/Space/Groove" and the Arts Depot North Finchley as part of the 2007 London Jazz Festival.

Tom Bancroft wins BBC Jazz Award and Kidsamonium wins a Herald Angel

ABC Co founder Tom Bancroft won a presitigious BBC Jazz Award for innovation on July 12th at the Mermaid Theatre in Londion on front of a star studded audience. The Kidsamonium band played a tune in costume and had the whole audience doing call and response on kazzoos - which went down a storm with everyone exceopt as few jazz 'old fogeys'.

Kidsamonium went on to do a storming run in the Edinburgh Fringe and received a rare and sought after Herald Angel Award for being one of the top sdhows in all the Edinburgh Festivals in 2007.

Summer Workshops a Great Success

During July & August ABC ran 5 4 day summer workshops for 7-12 and 12-18 year olds in:

  • East Ayrshire
  • Edinburgh
  • Midlothian
  • Glasgow
  • Kirckaldy

Each workshop ended in a concert performace of music composed by the students during the week and they were all FANTASTIC!

ABC founder to debate music education with Julian LLoyd Webber in conference in London 1/07

news flash : julian lloyd webber was defeated in the vote by 3 to 1!!

Leading Scottish Jazz Musician and Educator, Tom Bancroft, is to travel to London next week to oppose Julian Lloyd Webber’s viewpoint in a debate on the future of music education. The debate is on the motion "This house believes that the foundations of music education should be built on classical music" and will take place on Tuesday 16th January at the “State of Play Conference” being held at the Roundhouse in Camden to discuss the “Music Manifesto”.

Bancroft is the co-founder, with his twin brother Phil, of the music education company ABC Creative Music. They have developed music resources which are being used by classroom teachers in more than 500 schools across Scotland to teach creative music to children from nursery to age 11. The company’s resources were recently included by the Scottish Executive in the ‘Celebrating Success’ program showcasing excellence in education.Tom Bancroft quote - “ I feel very excited about being asked to go down to London and debate this issue with Julian Lloyd Webber. This is something our company feels very passionate about. The old music education system was focused on classical music and turned a lot of people off classical music and other types of music too. There is an amazing world of music out there – why should children be mainly exposed to one style at school? It’s like saying they should mainly eat cabbage!! Children are not the same and one approach will not suit all or reflect the country we live in.

Music can get very scary for people because they think they are going to get it wrong and make a fool out of themselves. A lot of classically trained musicians tell me they feel their education was too narrow and they now find playing without a written down part very frightening. Music needn’t be scary – it should be fun, especially when you are young. We design activities to encourage children to make choices and learn about the building blocks of music by building things themselves. Teachers using our resources are finding this approach refreshing and fun and the children are more interested in music because of it. We want to motivate kids to go on and learn instruments and get passionate about whichever style of music they want to play.”

Global Citizenship Through Music Pack 11/06
A great new pack is being launched by ABC Creative Music. Download details here.

After Christmas we are going to help between 750 and 1000 eleven year old school kids to start using iTunes in the classroom in a cool set of ways as part of a pack teaching Global Citizenship Through Music.

• They will get an iTunes voucher to download world music (from preselected iMixes) from itunes store to make compilation CDs.
• They will also be using iTunes software to edit and master CDs of original music they have composed and recorded themselves.
• They will then plan and design packaging and marketing to sell the original music CD as a business study project.

The pack involves the study of copyright and an understanding of why they can copy and sell CDs of their own music but not of other peoples. The pilot is funded by the Scottish Government in partnership with the Edinburgh and Orkney City Councils.

Celebrating Success 10/06
The Scottish Executive is making a range of high quality educational resources available to schools in Scotland including ABC resources. Download a free fun music activity to make a rap about living in Scotland here.

Dumfries and Galloway UPM1 & 2 Primary Pilot 9/06
Dumfries and Galloway is a large education authority in the South West of Scotland. As part of the Scottish Executive's Youth Music Initiative for Youth Music, ou Upper Primary Moduel 1 and 2 packs are now being used in 90% of their primary schools. What is really unusual is that the course is being delivered by classroom teachers who in some cases have no musical training or experience. Initial training of teachers overcomes their anxieties and fears of teasching music and they get started using the structured program, class plans, back up audio CDs and visual aids.

The course teaches an understanding of form and rhythm and give lots of experience of performance of children's own compositions and early improvisation using words and sounds. Later on the children compose using shape notation and play compositions on class percussion, compose drum grooves, and write their own lyrics to perform to backing grooves. The second part of the course extends these skills onto voice, chime bars,and home made percussion choirs. The use of shape notation develops into an intermediate step to understanding conventional music notation.

Primary Pilot in Edinburgh
ABC Creative Music have beenconducting a pilot project in 5 Primary Schools in edinburgh as part of the Youth Music Initiative. ABC resources will be put into allage groups in the schools (Nursery class, and Primary 1 to 7 classes) with training and support for teachers. This is being extended in 2006-7 to 10 more schools.

IAJE Presentation

Tom and Phil Bancroft got fantastic feedback from presenting the Apple Banana Carrot Method to delegates at the International Association of Jazz Educators Conference in New York on the 22nd of January.

"I was very impressed not only with the energy and commitment of the clinicians, but with the appropriateness and high interest level of the method. This program deals with Musicianship in an authentic way, by using age-appropriate and high interest methods to create real music
and real musical understanding with very young children."
Fran DePalma-Iozzi, Music Teacher, New Jersey, USA (IAJE)

"The "Apple Banana Carrot Method" presented at the IAJE workshop in New York is a program my students would really love and I would really enjoy teaching. Improvisation is included in our required state standards, yet very little guidance on how to teach it is in our current method books. I strongly feel that the addition of this method to our current curriculum would fill the gap The materials are both kind and teacher friendly. It is obvious that the designers of this program have done their homework. I would give it an A+!"
Mary Kidd, Music Teacher, Port Orange, Florida, USA (IAJE)

“ I have studied the Orff, Dalcroze, and Kodaly Methods and I think you guys are doing something new and very valuable” a Director of Music Education, Music College, USA

“I think that introducing the ABC method in the general music classes will be a good preparation for use in the jazz ensemble (and of course beneficial in its own right for all students). I've been teaching jazz improvisation to students in grades 5-12 for almost 20 years. Your presentation was the most exciting thing I have seen at the IAJE conference and I look forward to finding out more. Thanks!"
Michael Fitzgerald
Instrumental Music Instructor
Bartle School New Jersey, USA