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Voice Body Space Beat

Voice Body Space Beat was a project we did at the London Jazz Festival in November 2007 with the London Jazz Festival & Serious Productions, the Arts Depot and 4 great primary school teachers - Terry, Ash , Mel, Lucy, Chris, and Palin - but most of all about 200 fantastic children from 4 primary schools in Barnet - - Child's Hill, Christ Church, Colindale, and Holly Park. In general these children were not doing very much music at school and the teachers weren't involved in teaching music before we started working with them.

We ended with a great performace in the Arts Depot with a pro band featuring Tom & Phil Bancroft, Finlay MacDonald (bagpipes) , Claude Deppa (trumpet) , Oren Marshall (tuba), Manjeet Rasiya (tabla), and Miles James (guitar).

The first half of the concert the children performed their own raps and compositions around the building with some fantastic compositional and performance skills in evidence. Then we had a 'zombie walk' when they all marched to the stage for a massed drum groove choir with bagpips and tabla.
Many thanks to Diana, Steve, Amy and Cameron at Serious and Inga, Tom and Tamsin at Arts Depot and the teachers Terry, Chris, Palin, Mel, Lucy, Ash, and Alex.

For a video clip go here.

Quotes from participants:

‘Excellent, amazing, different and funny.’
‘I loved our performance and I think it was great. I am very happy to be part of this project.’
‘It was ok, but I was hungry – anyway I liked it. I liked using it (?) and playing the instruments.’
‘It was great and Phil and Tom were great.’
‘Fantastic, exciting and wonderful.’ – Charlotte
‘I loved the performance. I thought it was sick (great), excellent, fantastic, great, good.’
‘I loved the performance. I thought that was my best day in the whole school.’ – Vinuchan
‘I loved it so much. It was a fantastic experience!!’
‘Fantastic, brilliant, great, super, the best in the world.’ – Maisie and Rosa